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What is Leisuremod?

Leisuremod imports, designs, and manufacturers home and office furnishings. They are well-known for their high-qualify workmanship and custom-made furniture. The Leisuremod craftsmen design and build fine furniture, and their sales representatives meet, and typically exceed, customers' requests.

Our Approach

We envisioned Leisuremod as a brand of highest-level quality and modern furniture that reflects its dedication, customization, attention to details and respect of workmanship, while making it modern, approachable and designer friendly.

Furniture has become the essence of our being. Our homes are places where we spend quality time, and we want them to be comfortable, tasteful and decorative, because that’s our natural habitat.



For the brand to embody the artistic craftsmanship and customized features, we drew inspiration from all over and boiled it down to essence of custom artistic furniture.

the artisan

To create that feeling of a modern and organic approach, before we made the logo geometrically perfect, we went back to the basics of using pencil and paper. That resulted in making a whole lot of sketches going in different directions, but always coming back to the essence of the brand.

In order to create the Leisuremod story, we had to narrow down ideas and sketches, and we want to guide you through the process of our own artisans.

mood board

Icon Development

main ideas rundown

Selected idea

Selected idea process

Armchair + Measure / Ruler + Wood

Icon Finalization

The result of the rundown was 3 main elements: Letter “L,” Armchair, and Organic and Modern texture. We decided to use the Ruler graphic as a secondary identity element.


Logo Design


Following the same look and feel of the logo, we created an iconography that matches its style.

Pattern Design

primary pattern

We developed the main pattern using brand phrases + icons.


We developed a secondary pattern using the main icon and curves found in nature as inspiration.

The Ruler Visual


As we previously mentioned, the “Ruler” graphic was used as a secondary identity element. It came to life in a big way, cleverly merging with the pattern we already made.


Brand Identity in Action

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